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HVAC Systems Services

At ARS ® / Rescue Rooter ® Greensboro, our residential HVAC services extend beyond basic installation and repair work for our Piedmont Triad area clients in North Carolina. We also offer assistance with several related issues, such as indoor air quality, HVAC related technology, and preventive HVAC maintenance.

Since you spend a lot of time in your house, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to create a healthy environment that offers a combination of convenience and reliability. We love to work with homeowners to help them identify their needs and achieve their goals. That is the main reason we offer a range of services that are beyond the standard fare in terms of HVAC service. We believe the extras we provide help us stand out from other companies in this industry, and we take pride in that.

We have serviced thousands of customers for many years by being able to provide them with HVAC home services. Call ARS / Rescue Rooter in Greensboro / Winston-Salem today for anything home: (336) 355-2444.

Preventive Maintenance
Indoor Air Quality
Smart Home

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance can not only help your HVAC system function the way it’s supposed to, it can also improve your overall air quality. Making sure your units are serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations can help cut down on problems and keep equipment in good condition. We offer our clients preventive maintenance options for peace of mind and increased efficiency. These programs come with some other perks as well, such as a reduction in the cost of any repairs needed, priority emergency service, and more. Please contact us for all the details on our preventive maintenance programs.

Air Quality Help

In addition to our preventive maintenance program, we are also available to assist you with your indoor air quality in a variety of other ways. From duct cleaning to UV germicidal lamps, we offer a host of different options to help you remedy specific air quality issues. The ARS ® / Rescue Rooter ® staff in Greensboro, NC, are able to recommend and install both humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and we will also walk you through the choices available in air filters and air purifiers so you can compare and evaluate them for your individual air quality needs. If your air quality isn’t what you’d like it to be, we can help you address that, both by identifying the reason and suggesting some solutions.

Smart Home Assistance

Today there are many different technology options for homeowners that are related to HVAC systems. From items such as Energy Star-rated Nest thermostats to Google Assistant, smart home choices abound. Not only can we talk you through the smart home options that are currently available to you, but we can install them and give you a primer on how they work as well. Our technicians have helped many homeowners integrate their HVAC systems with technological devices for additional convenience.


To learn more about the additional services we provide for our clients throughout the Triad, NC, region, we recommend contacting our staff at the office. We can either arrange for an appointment or answer any questions you may have about what we offer right over the phone. Get in touch with our experienced HVAC technicians for a residential HVAC service today!

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